Chardi Kala Sports Club

2017 U25 Kabaddi Cup

This tournament was our biggest event of 2017! Although we had the experience of planning our past three events under our belts, planning this event was not simple. We faced challenges left and right in making this event come to fruition, but after many long nights, we successfully hosted the first U25 Kabaddi Cup in the DMV area. We had some of the best teams from all over North America competing, in addition to delicious food, fun-filled games, and spectacular performances. As we begin planning our next U25 Kabaddi Cup, we have a lot more experience on our hands, so you can look forward to an even bigger event!


2017 Powerlifting Competition

This powerlifting competition was our second event. As we were going into planning this event, we had the experience from our first event to help us. However, this was still a new form of event for us and it took place just one week after our first event. As a result, between getting together all of the equipment we needed and even building some of it ourselves, it was quite challenging to get this event up and running. Nevertheless, we pulled through once again for our second successful event. In 2018, we hope it'll be even bigger!


2017 Dastaar Tying Competition

This dastaar tying competition was our very first event. As you can imagine, it was quite a challenge for us to pull it together as we were still in our beginnings. However, after lots of perseverance, we pulled through to have an extremely successful first event. In 2018, it will be even bigger!


#FreeJaggiNow Protest at Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

This protest was our last event of 2017. It was in response to the unreasonable capture and torture of Jagtar Singh Johal, a citizen of the United Kingdom that traveled to Punjab, India to get married. After he got married, he went shopping with his wife and was openly arrested without a warrant and has been in police custody since. After this protest, we held a second one and the Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter published this article in response: #FreeJaggi campaign hits global audience with rally in Washington DC.


#FreeJaggiNow Car Rally

This car rally was our first event of 2018. As Jagtar SIngh Johal's situation had not changed since our last protest, we felt that another one was necessary. In response to our car rally, the Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter published this article: #FreeJaggi campaign hits global audience with rally in Washington DC.


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